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Tips for Boarding Senior Dogs

Leaving your beloved canine companion can be tough at any stage of their life, but what about when they are older and require special care? Here, our Cumming vets share some considerations for boarding a senior dog as well as tips for making their stay a success.

Senior Dog Boarding

If you are looking for boarding for your senior dog(s) in Cumming, there will be several options. While choosing one for a young and healthy dog is likely pretty straightforward, you may have more to consider if your dog is well into their golden years.

Many senior dogs have special needs that not every boarding facility is prepared to manage. The good news is that dog boarding at Animal Medical Center of Cumming has the additional benefit of on-site veterinarians who can tend to all of your aging dog's needs.

Special Considerations With Dog Boarding for Older Dogs

You should schedule a vet checkup before your dog's stay at a boarding facility. This will provide you with information to share with the boarding facility regarding your dog's health. You should also provide the staff with a list of medications or other important information to help your dog have a great stay. 

Some issues or considerations that you may want to share with the dog boarding facility include:

  • If your dog has incontinent issues, you should provide additional bedding or items that can help the staff manage accidents.
  • Inform them of any issues that may affect your senior dog's ability to get around. This will let them know to take it slowly when it's time for exercise.
  • Let the boarding staff know of any issues that your dog has with eating or drinking, even something as simple as eating smaller portions.
  • Your senior dog may get cold more easily than they did when they were young. The boarding facility should allow you to provide your dog's sweater or blanket to help keep them comfortable.

Benefits of Cameras at Dog & Cat Boarding Facilities

Video cameras and recording devices are not a requirement for dog boarding facilities, even so, they can be great for helping you relax while away.

It is even better if these cameras offer live-streaming allowing pet owners to check in on how everything is going at any time. This can help you relax knowing that your old pup is doing fine and you have visual proof of it.

Helping Your Senior Dog Relax During Dog Boarding

  • Be sure to pick a reputable boarding facility.
  • Ask the facility for more information if it will be your dog's first visit.
  • See if your dog can have a short trial stay.
  • Look into whether your dog can bring an item from home like a blanket.
  • Ask if you can bring in your dog's normal food to avoid stomach upset.
  • Make sure that your senior dog is up to date with vaccines.
  • Speak with your vet about pheromones or other anxiety support supplements.
  • Ask the boarding facility about their tactics to help dogs relax.

Boarding for Senior Dogs in Cumming

Our dog boarding services are aimed at providing optimal comfort and care during your dog's stay. The dogs are let outside each morning to get some fresh air before breakfast. During this time, their kennels are cleaned, disinfected and stocked with fresh linens.

Depending on their physical ability and capacity, the dogs who stay with us are walked on a regular schedule. Your dog will be supervised throughout their stay with us – both during playtime or walks and while they rest. Dinner is served in the evening.

We also offer a Group Play Package and One-on-One Time allowing your senior dog to spend time with our trained team members and other dogs depending on their needs, characteristics and abilities.

The vets and staff at Animal Medical Center of Cumming are serious animal lovers, and the entire team enjoys giving animals who stay with us all the attention and care they deserve.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

If your dog requires geriatric care during boarding, look no further. Contact our Cumming vet clinic to ask about our facilities and what we offer.

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